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Dry 5 Friction Liquid Chalk (250ml)

Dry 5 Friction Liquid Chalk (250ml)

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Dry 5 Friction Liquid Chalk (250ml)

Product Description

  • An alcohol based liquid chalk solution which is applied to the hands in a liquid form
  • Ideal for any yoga practice/ rock climbing where you're likely to suffer from sweaty and slippery grip
  • Simply rub this liquid chalk into your hands and feet to keep them dry during the whole of your practice
  • Inhibits sweating from the hands or feet, with no dust and little mess.

This product is not suitable for use on natural latex (rubber) products

  • Brand: Rock Technologies
  • Product Weight: 0.3kg
  • Made in UK
  • Materials: Magnesium, carbonate, alcohol, thickener, scent



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